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Our Offices - Laveno Mombello

You can reach the Tourist Office of Laveno Mombello with theese means of transports:

  • By car or by bus from Milan you can take the highway (A8) direction Varese/Como/Chiasso - exit Sesto Calende/Vergiate and then follow the road signs for Laveno Mombello; from Locarno you can take the highway (A2/E35), direction Lugano/Milan/Ponte Tresa - exit Lugano Nord, then follow the road signs to Laveno Mombello; from Luino follow SS629.
  • By train: from Cadorna and Porta Garibaldi stations destination Bellinzona – stop in Laveno Mombello ( State railway station – Via Diaz) or destination Laveno Mombello and stop in North railway station(Piazza Stazione Ferrovie Nord); from Bellinzona station, stop in Laveno Mombello ( State railway station-Via Diaz); from Lugano station, stop in Laveno Mombello North (you have two changes in Seregno and Saronno, or three changes in Como S. Giovanni, Seregno and Saronno).
  • From Malpensa Airport with Malpensa Express you can arrive at the North station changing in Saronno or get off directly in Laveno ( State railway station -Via Diaz)
  • By boat from Locarno, Cannobio, Luino, Cannero Riviera, Angera, Arona with change in Intra and then by boat from Intra to Laveno.


Once in Laveno Mombello tou can use some means of transports:

  • By train you can reach Milan (Cadorna and Porta Garibaldi station) from both stations (Piazza stazione Ferrovie Nord or Via Diaz); Luino from the State railway station (Via Diaz) by train direct to Bellinzona; Varese leaving from North railway station(Piazza Stazione Ferrovie Nord); Malpensa Airport from both railway stations.
  • By bus you can reach Luino (Line N03), Leggiuno (S. Caterina del Sasso, line N18).
  • You can rent electric cars, signing in previously at the web site www.e-vai.com or you can rent also bicycles from the Tourist Office.
  • By boat you can reach Intra in 20 minutes and from there you can take another boat to Pallanza, Borromean Islands, Stresa, Arona and Angera or reach in north direction places like Luino, Cannero Riviera, Cannobio and Locarno.
  • you can  reach the main touristic destinations or airports by taxi or private shuttle.

Laveno Mombello is 80 km far from Milan, 20 km from Varese, 40 km from Malpensa Airport, 18 km from Luino, about 65 km from Swiss (Bellinzona) and 40 km from Lugano.



Phone: (+39) 0332 668785

MONDAY: 9.00am-12.00pm 2.30pm-5.30pm

TUESDAY: 9.00am-12.00pm 2.30pm-5.30pm


THURSDAY: 9.00am-12.00pm 2.30pm-5.30pm

FRIDAY: 9.00am-12.00pm 2.30pm-5.30pm

SATURDAY: 9.00am-1.00pm 2.00pm-7.00pm

SUNDAY: 9.00am-1.00pm 2.00pm-7.00pm

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